Name of the wind – concept art.

After the book of Patrick Rothfuss
Main Character
Atmosphere and environment


Professor Peter Naumann

With this project I worked on a story which is one of my absolute favourites – The name of the wind, written by Patrick Rothfuss. After having read the two already available book of that sequal I was extremely fascinated and inspired.


The fictional story is about a young man who is telling the story of his extraordinary life. The story takes place in a mediaeval world of magic. The young man named Kvothe took 4 grand stages in his life so far.
The first stage is about his family, a travelling troupe. They are killed by the Chandrian, dark wizards that are trying to avoid knowledge of their existence. Kvothes family gets too close to them.
The second stage is Kvothe sad and depressed life in a big city, called Tarbean, where he lives as a beggar for three years.
In the third stage he conquers his grieve and heads for the „university“ to seek for the name of the wind, which he has seen an arcane naming when he was with his troupe. 
The fourth stage shows Kvothes research on a bloody wedding. He is convinced this is the Chandrians work. After his family was killed he never stopped seeking for them.

Cinder and Lord Haliax, two of the seven dark wizards of the Chandrian that have killed Kvothes family.
Cinder as a creature of winters pale with long bright hair and an expression nightmares ware.
Lord Haliax, the leader of the Chandrian. He is permanently surrounded by shadows so his face stays hidden.

Scene as Kvothe returns to the camp and finds his family massacred. The fires are burning blue as a sign for the Chandrian.


Kvothe in the second phase, living in Tarbean as a beggar on the streets. The few things he possesses are a worn out shirt and trousers which are three passes to big. He folds them up and fastens them with a cord.
Trapis, a helper for needy children in Tarbean. He also helps Kvothe more than once.
Skarpi, his hair is white as snow and has coffee brown skin. His eyes are blue like diamonds.
Kvothe plays the lute of one of his fellow travellers on the road to Imre at the end of the second part (Imre is near the university where Kvothe wants to become an arcane). This is a very gripping moment on this journey because he plays the lute so well no one can resist but cry over him playing so lovely and wonderful.

Kvothes hideout over the roofs of a candle-manufactory in Tarbean. At this spot three roofs meet and provide the perfect shelter to Kvothe. The rain in this scene symbolizes the sad and desperate time Kvothe lives through.


Kvothe (~15 years old) in the third part of the book at the university. He still lacks wealth, nevertheless is he able to afford some clothes a pair of shoes and a cloak with many tiny pockets. He even comes by a lute and performs in a bar and gets his drinks for free as well as a little tip from time to time.

The different buildings of the university. At first the archives described as big grey block with just one door. „Mains“, which is a building that grew more bigger over the years and therefore owns a patch up look. And „Mews“, which looks like eight-wing compass rose.

Kvothes arrival at the university, with its unique buildings like the big grey block of the archive. Next to the university is the Omethi river and Imre, a city of artists. Both places benefit from each other

Even though this project is quite old, I still really enjoy it and think I might rework in the near future… tbc.