Movie Purpose Vehicle.

Advanced Transportation
Movie Setting


Professor Dr. Othmar Wickenheiser

In this advanced transportation project the goal was to design a vehicle for a movie/ story of our own choice. I decided to illustrate the hover croft mentioned in ‘the hunger games’ series. At that time the movies were not released yet, so I was free to imagine and create my own version of this certain type of plane.

Ideation and sketching.

First some silhouettes the airplane could have.

Thumbnails of possible settings for the airplane.

Further development of some favourite silhouettes by giving it inner surfaces and proportions.

Rough surfaces to give a better impression of the proportions. The level of details is still low enough to leave space for interpretation.

Further down the more detailed versions of the two favourite airplanes. In order to understand the shape and its details better. Early character sketches of the pilot suits. On the bottom, it is a tight jumpsuit and on the top a solid part with a breathing unit. The helmet is completely closed and uses augmented reality to provide the user with information.

First Final and Revision.

Interim result, digital rendering.
Still not entirely happy as there are tiny flaws with the concept. The proportions of the wings and the drivers cab to the complete length of the plane are not working perfectly at this moment.

The sketches show the revision after the interim image. The entire front part is changed and adjusted.