Julian Bohnhorst

Illustration & Design

"My approach to illustration and design is focused on creating a lasting impact on the audience and building a strong emotional connection."

So nice that you found your way here and trust me with a few moments of your time.

Have a look around and if you are interested in learning more about me and my way of doing art, treat yourself browsing further down or if you are more of the reading type, find out more in my bio.


Within this project section you’ll find a variety of illustration and design projects, some new and some a little older (just like the bachelor thesis – sympace). Unfortunately I am not allowed to show everything I did here, as for some I don’t have the permission to share publicly.

Sevice Overview.

The services I can provide cover areas of Illustration and Design. For both parts I do bring some experience to the table. Having worked for a branding agency for 5 years provides me with deep insights into the field of graphic and web design. For Illustration I could gain alot experience during the masters degree in Cambridge, England and through working at the branding agency as well as realising non-funded projects.


Handdrawn Illustrations | Book Illustration | Children’s Book Illustration | Digital and traditional Art


Branding | Graphic Design | Logo Design | Layout and Print | Web Design | Presentation Design