The Desert - Folktaleweek

Nov. 2020

Sprint-project based on the instagram “folktaleweek”-challenge every november.
The topics were as follows: 
Birth – Ritual – Courtship – Solstice – Death – Harvest – Dance

Day 1


“There she sat in the calm of a newly born day. Her gaze and thoughts were fixed on the one point in the distance. There on the edge of the mountains, where with the birth of the new day the other half of her power was born…”

Day 2


“Everything was prepared, white smoke rising as she gets ready to call the old spirits. The ground here had seen nothing but dryness for far too long. Everything had to work smoothly now…”

Day 3


“Very carefully and cautiously she approached the desert fox. Although time was pressing, it took patience and calm to consummate the union of the two powers. With each moment their energies approached and soon it was no longer possible to distinguish them from each other…”

Day 4


“Just as their connection grew stronger, the sun, moon and stars aligned in a specific constellation. The space between them was perfectly filled by the two energies and so, for the moment of the turning point, everything stood still and rearranged itself. In that brief moment they planted the seeds of fertility and the ground began to change…”

Day 5


“In some places, however, it was already too late, death had already penetrated deep into the ground. But that was part of the balance, no life without death. And so the two of them sat there and accepted this incompatible part. In the distance, however, one could already hear the rolling of heavy rain clouds…”

Day 6


“And then it was there, the moment of harvest. The desert was in full bloom from one moment to the next. Both enjoyed this moment of life, which was the only meaning of their existence, to the fullest. Far too quickly, this moment too would pass. But they knew that life would be here for a long time. It was okay to move on…”

Day 7


“And so they moved on, to places that now needed their attention. It was an eternal cycle between life and death.”