The Messenger - Folktaleweek


Sprint-project based on the instagram “folktaleweek”-challenge every november.

This story evolved from an instagram challenge – the folktaleweek.
With this challenge there are getting seven topics for seven days announced. All of those topics are connected by the overall theme of folktale. The participants of this challenge are free to interpret those topics as they wish as long as the work is related to the topics.

With “the Messenger” I created a story that connects all the topics, so that the reader can follow a storyline. Every image is accompanied with a little text passage to fill in the gaps. Nevertheless remains room for the reader to interpret what is not shown or written.
The topics were as follows: 
Forest – Magic – Witch – Ghost – Insect – Mirror – Animal

Day 1


“A long time ago, there was a story about a mysterious messenger. No one knew where he came from or what his destination was. His path led him straight to the forbidden forest. He spent a night in the local tavern and set out the next morning, fearless as if there was no cause for alarm…”

Day 2


“No one voluntarily went to the forest of which it was said that fearsome creatures such as witches and beasts were up to mischief.
The messenger spoke little more than a few syllables and shared the secrets of the forest with no one.
He was said to have incredible courage to enter the dark forest so fearlessly, almost as if he himself harbored a strange secret…”

Day 3


“Hardly a soul endured the dazzling beauty of the white witch who had answered the call of the magic horn. Patron saint of travelers and on the side of light in the magical forest, she was a longtime companion and good friend to the messenger. She always showed him the right way through the tangled forest…”

Day 4


“But just as the white witch stood by him, there were countless beings of the shadows who feasted on the suffering of the lost and nothing gave them more pleasure than to torture their victims and slowly break them in the maze of a black mind. Almost the messenger also lost himself in the hypnotic clutches of the spirit. Only his duty to deliver the message at any cost and with the strength of his faithful companion he was able to break free from its clutches and escape both so after all…”

Day 5


“Happily escaping the spirit, after a moment of uncertainty, they found themselves in the midst of another devilry – giant wood-like insects that had grown into treetop-sized monstrosities through the magical powers of the forest. Witnessing their existence almost never gave them a chance to escape with their lives. In their natural environment, the crowns of the trees, there was little hope of escape. Even the powerful, light-footed swings of the thoroughbred seemed unable to save them this time…”

Day 6


“Everything seemed as if the messenger would also become a victim of these bizarre creatures, quickly he and his faithful friend were driven into a hopeless corner.
But just before all hope of success seemed lost, the words of the white witch miraculously came to his mind, “may the creatures break at the ghastly image of themselves.” A simple mirror seemed like glistening fire in the face of the monsters…”

Day 7


“And so, almost miraculously, they made it through all the dangers of the forest. Silently, moved by the beauty of life, they thanked the white witch for her help. But even without his faithful companion, the messenger would never have come this far. The strong bond between animal and rider made them the most magical part of the forest. A bond that would accompany them on all their adventures from then on.”