Calico's Crew - graphic design


Ongoing graphic design for the Calico’s Crew rum label, based on the story true of Calico Jack Rackham and his two female crew members, Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

In this project you will find all the ongoing graphic design work for Calico’s Crew. The brand has grown with another two labels, the Cannoneers explosive and the doctor’s tranquilizer. And with the ongoing developement further graphic assets where needed.

Ongoing graphic design

Design of a give-away tote bag for spirit-fairs.

Final drawing for the tote bag. The characters from left to right, Mary Read, Anne Bonny, a silhouette of Captain Jack Calico covered in the shadows and the Cannoneer on the right. Jack Calico is still in the shadows to imply his launch in the future.

The Cannoneer's Explosive

The third label of the brand.

With the third label the brand grew with the Cannoneer’s Explosive. This rum qulifies with 48% vol. of acohol and a special chocolate tase. Therefore the explosive part needed to be seen quite clearly. For one it is shown visually with firing canons of the ship and secondly with darker appearance of the label.