Honda - the future of motorbikes

Jan. 2013

Transportationproject, Attractive to young people, Way of Life

Cooperation with Honda Motorcylces
Professor : P. Naumann
Support : P. Cuccagn

The new motorbike is intended to be an alternative to a car for young people.
It was very important that it provides more road safety. This was achieved by using safety bars, a roof and separated front and backlight to increase the visibility.
The feeling of driving motorbike plays an important role in this concept nevertheless.

Ideation and sketching

Road Safety – Everyday Vehicle – Way of Life.

The researche showed the dangerous situations for motorcyclists nowadays. Motorbikes themself are a lot smaller than card and are perceived as the weaker road-users. There are already attempts to make riding a motorbike safer, but safety remains the biggest issue.
With the sketching I wanted to work out how motorcycling could become safer.

Final Sketch

Final result for my concept of a safer and more practical everyday motorbike for young drivers.

Protecting roof – additional sound system with possible bluetooth connection – big separated front and rear lights for a better visibility – relatively big wheels for a high road safety – Storage compartment at the rear – different type of seat caused by using a roof.